Installing Scripts in Illustrator

There are many free or paid scripts around that can be used to enhance Illustrator capabilities. You can also create your own or tweak an existing one if you are familiar with the programing languages. We are using one from StackExchange.

1 - Download the “Script” or “Scripts” you want to install. They should be like text files with a “.js” or “.jsx” extension (Javascript or Applescript files). In some cases, you may need to “Un-Zip” the file.

2 - Locate the “Scripts” Folder inside the “Adobe Illustrator” Folder. In a Mac, head to Applications > Adobe Illustrator (the version you are using) > Presets > (Your Language Folder) > Scripts.

3 - In a PC, head to My Computer > Program Files > Adobe > Adobe Illustrator (the version you are using) > Presets > (Your Language Folder) > Scripts.

4 - Right-click on top of the “Script” File and select “Copy”. Then, head to the “Scripts” Folder, right-click inside and “Paste” the file. You may need to input your “Administrator” Password.

5 - Open “Adobe Illustrator” (make sure it is the version where you saved the “Script”). It should be available after launching. Open the file you want to work with.

6 - To use the “Script” go to File > Scripts and select the one you want. Depending on the script, you may need to select parts of the “Artwork” for it to work.

7 - You may also launch a “Script” that is not installed by going to File > Scripts > Other Script and navigating to where you saved the one you want.

8 - Sometimes the “Scripts” you may find are just the “Code” (text) and you need to select that text (Make sure you include all the characters including the “Brackets”). “Copy” it (Command/Control + C), create a “New Document” in any “Text Editor” and “Paste” it (Command/Control + V). Make sure the text is “Plain Text” and then save the file with a “.js” extension (Javascript). You can save it directly inside the “Scripts” folder in “Adobe Illustrator” and then launch the program to make it available.


by @lornacane


Thank you for sharing this tutorial :smile:

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Thanks for this! Do you have any favourite scripts that you use frequently?

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Thank You so much for this useful tutorials :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! I just recently started to use them, but there’s some very useful ones to boost your workflow. Like the ones used to distribute objects, to randomize selections and/or colors, to close open paths, to join text in blocks, just to name a few. :wink:

Interesting! Is there a particular website you use to find scripts or do you just search for things you want to be able to achieve?

I normally do a search to find them. But, here’s the link to the page where you can download many of them: