Introduction to Sublimation Markers for Beginners

Sublimation Markers for Beginners. Sublimation is such a wonderful craft to dive into, but it can be a little on the expensive side. Sublimation Markers are a great alternative to try before buying a printer, especially if you are on the artistic side.

This tutorial covers the quick and easy process of creating beautiful sublimation designs with sublimation markers! We will walk you through each part step by step, including printing the design with a regular printer, best tips for coloring by hand with sublimation markers, then the steps you need to press your new masterpiece onto a sublimation friendly project!

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Of course, you can bring the outlines into Design Space, change your line type to “draw”, and use your black marker to write out the design using your Cricut (and color it in afterwards). That’s the technique I used to make this Cricut Infusible Ink t-shirt.


Wow, that’s awesome!! :heart:

Color me slightly embarrassed. I looked back today and realized I didn’t tag the original designer, @milkimil . The design is her aa385fbd1fb28e0e5f9497f5155e11ee

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Thanks for the info!

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YAY!! Love knowing that I can still try this without a special printer…next on my craft shopping list, sublimation markers :grin:

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Becky, I have 20lb standard multipurpose paper. Can I use that with Sublimation markers? or do I have to by laser paper? Oh BTW, have an inkjet printer

Hello, Is the Cricut infusible inks sublimation ?

Also, would it best best to buy a sub printer or convert an inkjet?

a6abaabab60d8a7c9c6b915e5ff1d25a I just bought a set of Cricut infusable ink markers and don’t have a clue how to use them…

I too wonder about Inkjet printers as that is what I have and don’t have a ton of money to shell out for a sub printer, especially if I find that I don’t like sublimation or even don’t do it often enough to justify the cost.

Does anyone know if I can buy Cricut infusible ink sheet and cut them with my Silhouette Portrait?

UPDATE I found the answer, thank you

You can draw a design on laser paper with Infusible Ink markers and then iron it onto a polyester garment.

If you like the graphic effects of full-color design, you can buy inkjet transfer paper, print on those, use your Cricut or Silhouette to cut around the outside, and then iron them onto your fabric.