Is anyone else a bit intimidated by their cricut?

I got a cricut maker in January and am really intimidated by it. has this happened to anyone else? I WANT to work with it but when i start a project for some reason i start worrying about making mistakes or doing it wrong and stop.

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Hi 31d98e9aa056580eb9174e18abd7133c you are not alone!! I’m the same way. I hate wasting things, but you’ll never learn unless you make mistakes! :heart:

Here are some of my favorite Cricut Beginner Tutorials to get you started!

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Hi Kim, Yes I was like that too, a few months ago I purchased the Cricut Maker and was very intimidated but it really is a case of jumping in and playing around with the machine. The first tip would be to look on YouTube for Cricut tutorials for your machine and watch a few before starting, there are some great tutorials on there.
Be specific in want you want to learn first and watch tutorials for that subject and then before you know it you will be down the rabbit hole and learning lots of different tips.
Corrine Blackstone and Jennifer Maker are two of my favourites, just type in their names into YouTube and you will find them, they are very clear in their tutorials and i have found them to be very helpful.
Hope this helps. Lynn

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I’m new to the game as well. My wife got me a used Joy. I tried to make something using the Joy app and the Design Space apps. The Joy wouldn’t work at all other than the initial test design, and the Design Space one would not recognize the design without the already removed background. Went into a live chat yesterday and the guy helping me was useless and when he asked for a few minutes to look at my picture, he left the chat after about 10 minutes. Could not get anyone else to help me.

Edit: I’m referring to a picture I uploaded, not the pre-loaded designs on the app.