Is Cricut's Scoring Stylus useless?

I have a Cricut Explore Air 2 (so I can’t use Cricut’s scoring wheel :slightly_frowning_face:). Every time I try to use the Scoring Stylus, it accomplishes NOTHING; I can’t see ANY indentation on my paper, nor does the paper seem to “want” to fold anywhere. Anyone else have this experience too? Or, am I doing something wrong (for example, does the stylus only work on a specific thickness of paper product?)?

I still use the scoring stylus with my Maker. I’ve used my stylus quite a bit recently on 60 lb card stock making graduation cards for my local adopt-a-senor group. The only thing I can think of is your stylus isn’t pushed down far enough. A trick for getting deeper score lines is to copy and paste a new score line in the Cricut Design Space right on top of the original score line. You can use the X and Y position boxes to make sure they are aligned perfectly. Your machine will read it as two score lines and double-score it. This creates a slightly deeper score line that can be folded more easily. Hope this helps! - April @mysvgromance


Thanks, @April_H for your suggestion. I will try to put two score lines down in the future (although, hmmm, how can I do that if I have an intricate item I’m making from Cricut Access???).

I’ve tried the stylus on thicker stock with no effect (I don’t know the weight because I bought the cardstock at a garage sale and it didn’t have any packaging), but I’m also wondering, are you supposed to be able to use the scoring stylus on regular (20 lb.) bond paper? Or, scrapbook paper?

Anyway, thanks for your help!

One problem I’ve had scoring with my cricut is that the mat is too firm for it to do much. If you’re only scoring, try putting a sheet of fun foam onto your mat, then taping your paper over the foam. He difference is amazing!

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I used that trick last year on my cardstock business card holder. I retrace each line five times to get a good fold line on 100-lb cardstock

@Laynie, you’re right, it makes sense that the mat underneath is too firm to allow indentations in the paper. Kinda makes me wonder how Cricut expects it to work.

Fun foam, though, is an excellent solution!! Thank-you!

Five times, @tmana? Wow, you’re persistent! Glad you figured out how to make it work, though.

@Sonya_L Eh, who knows… I’m glad I could help you, though!

I was at an event demonstrating the Cricut and found I didn’t have any business card holders… So I designed one on the fly in Design Space using basic shapes, distorting and welding and using high school trigonometry…

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@tmana Yes… I’ve put score lines on top of each other multiple times to get a good score. No one ever told me you couldn’t do that, so I tried it and hey, it worked!! :smiley:

Has anyone used the scoring stylus successfully on plain bond (20 lb.) paper? Or, is it only useful for thicker stock paper?

Glad you asked this question, Sonya – I thought it was just me!

@Sue_M1, it’s not just you. It’s you AND me :upside_down_face:.

Hmmm…that’s interesting. I have the opposite problem. The stylus scores quite well on my cardstock. Sometimes I can’t see the line, well, but when I fold it, it folds perfectly. BUT, I can’t use the stylus on any regular paper or on scrapbook paper. It shreds it every time! It’s so annoying.

Really‽ To be sure we’re talking about the same thing - you DON’T mean the Cricut Scoring Wheel, right, @Kemet_G?

Maybe the mat makes a huge difference? Which Cricut mat are you using?

Right. I’m talking about the scoring stylus, not the scoring wheel. It’s insane. I can’t use it on anything except cardstock. I’m using the blue light grip mat.

Wow! And I imagine you have the material setting set to whatever is actually on the mat, right? Like, paper, cardstock, etc.?

Doesn’t work for @Sonya_L & @Sue_M1 - works “too well” for @Kemet_G. This is a mystery.

Yep, generally cardstock

The joys and sorrows of cricuting! :smiley: