Is Design Space glitchy for you too?

I have weird problems with Design Space (for Windows). For example, sometimes when I click the Text Tool, click on the mat, type the text I want, click outside of the textbox, MY TEXT DOESN’T SHOW UP on the canvas OR on the Layers Panel - it’s as if I never did any of the steps I just explained. Has this ever happened to you?

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Yes, I have had this happen too. I also had it where I was in Design Space and it glitched and then I was logged in to someone else’s account. I’ve seen on the Facebook groups I am a part of that it seems to be happening to a lot of people. I am wondering if the system is just overwhelmed since more people are home with things being shut down.


I’ve seen a lot of glitches happening since we’ve switched to the desktop app. While a lot of the bigger problems have been remedied new ones are coming up each day. Sometimes just closing DS and opening it again fixes it. But if things are continuously happening sending feedback from the desktop app can help them resolve it. There’s a small thought bubble in the left bottom corner (last I saw it lol) and if you click that it’ll open a form for feedback.


I’ve been having MAJOR issues with the app version crashing. It’s very frustrating when your tryong to work on a client’s order.

Wow, I haven’t had the logged into someone else’s account thing happen to me! Unfortunately, the glitches I’ve experienced are not just as a result of Coronavirus extra traffic; I contacted Cricut Help back in June, 2019 about the Text glitch. They mirrored (not sure that’s the right term - took control of?) my computer, and had the same thing happen. They couldn’t explain it or fix it. I’ve since found my own weird fix. If I change the font BEFORE clicking out of the Text Box, this problem doesn’t occur for me. Still a nuisance, though.

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I agree. The desktop app seems to have created problems. Thanks for the instructions about how to send feedback!

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I’ve had the same exact thing happen, I thought I was the only one! So weird and frustrating. Hopefully they can solve it soon!

Melanie_D, I can sure see where that would be a source of stress. :sweat:

Yeah, it feels a LITTLE better knowing I’m not alone, too.

Ugh, not good to hear that it’s been happening that long! I just got my Cricut 2 weeks ago but I have had that issue happen already.

Kaitlin_M, sorry for the unhappy news. You’ll still have fun with your new Cricut, though - congratulations!

Not seen anything like that myself (yet!) - but it’s a difficult thing to diagnose with everyone having different PC configuration etc! Hopefully newer versions will be a bit more stable for everyone!

It would be nice if newer versions would be more stable, but, honestly, I’m not holding my breath, are you? Each time a new version is released, I hope for changes for the better, but I’ve never noticed a single change - makes me wonder why it’s a new version.

Yes, I get this problem too. Sometimes you just need to try it a few times before it will work. Frustrating I agree, usually you just need to be patient with it.

@Janae_B, check out my wonky fix for this problem, which I shared with @Kaitlin_M.

Thanks @Sonya_L I will have to try that.

I typically use DS on my phone or tablet, so the few times I used it on my laptop just to be able to download the new software and for bigger projects I thankfully haven’t run into too many issues besides it seeming to be quite slow, but that seems to have improved somewhat. I did send feedback as well as some others asking if there would be a way for us to organize our projects that we save so we can find them in a search format or by folders. So hopefully once the world is back on its feet and they get the bigger things worked out new options will come out for us.

@Heather, I’m all for any improvements and new options in DS. It feels as though, lately with the desktop version, we’ve been taking steps backward more than forward.

I’m wondering if it’s different because I use a Mac, but I haven’t had any problems since we got our machine in February. The app did get updated twice this past week. I use fonts etc every day.

Am I the only Mac user not having issues? Just curious…

Well, I’m a Windows user, so if you don’t have problems with your Mac, good for you!

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