Is Inkscape available on Mac

I had Inkscape and since updating it is showing unavailable to use. Anyone know anything about i?

Remove your old version and try the new 1.0 Beta 2 version.

Thank you. I will try that.

Thank you Desiree. It worked. It slow but I have Affinity Designer but there are some things that Inkscape does that Affinity can’t yet. Like spirals and tracing.

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Hi there. I’m new here and I’ve also had trouble downloading Inkscape. Or rather, trouble opening it once I supposedly download it to my Mac. There is now an Inkscape icon on my desktop but when I open it, it shows an image that seems to indicate I should move it to Applications. I’m really confused.

Yes - you need to drag it into the Applications folder when you get that popup. Then you will be able to open it.

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