Issues with Offset in Cricut Design Space

Is anyone else having this issue? I click on the offset and nothing happens. It is active, just doesn’t work. When I click apply I get a Javascript error. Not sure if it is a “design space” issue, or if it’s my crappy computer. lol. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, I have tried to update Javascript, it says it is up to date.

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Hmm interesting, have you tried clearing your cache/cookies and restarting the browser?

It needs to be windows 10 on the computer, it won;t work on my older laptop - it jst hamgs, but works with the more recent one

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I have this same problem. and I have updated to Windows 10… I click the offset and nothing happens.

Try updating your Visual C++.

Wonder if this will be an issue in Windows 11 …

I have upgraded to Windows 11 on both my desktop and laptop and have no issues with either.

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I have Windows 11. Everything is up to date. I was able to offset one word, and tried to offset another in the SAME FONT, and nothing happens.