Keeping sane

Hi all while all this madness is going on in the world my husband is going though cancer treatment, so everyday I get to sit in the car at the hospital carpark, so to keep me sane this is what I have been doing


It’s gorgeous. I hope your husband gets well soon.

Hi @Wendy_R1, I’m so sorry to hear about your husband! Wishing him a speedy recovery :heart:
That sloth is just beautiful!

Wow that must have taken some time! It’s gorgeous!
:heart: sending lots of love to you and your husband! :heart:

That is beautiful but I’m so sorry to hear of the reason you have time to do it! Thank you for taking the time to poat it here and spread a little beauty in the world - which can sure use a bit more good right now :slight_smile:
Best wishes to both of you from Alaska, Rae

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Thank you all, he is half way though his treatment tomorrow so hoping to hear some good news, the sloth took me about 4.5 hours to weed, I’m now doing a turtle

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Sorry to hear about your husband. Sending prayers to you and yours🙏🏽

thank you thats really kind

Sorry to hear about your husband. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

How long did that take to weed? It is amazing.

Thank you, the weeding took around 4.30 hrs but did a plain one too that only took around 2 hrs

Wow! That’s beautiful! Prayers for successful treatments…

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Wendy, what a beautiful project! Sending hugs and positive vibes to both you and your husband during this time. :heart:

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Sorry for your husbands cancer diagnosis, hope his treatment is working and continues too. I thought you drew that and then i saw you cut it from vinyl and weeded it. That’s patience! Its gorgeous.

Thank you, I quite enjoyed the weeding it took my mind off everything else

I am so sorry to hear about your husband but glad crafting is giving you something to keep busy.

Love this! You must have some extra patience and skill for this! It is so beautiful and well done!

Well wishes to your husband :heart:

Thank you everyone for your kind words, we are starting week 6 today so nearly at the end of the 1st lot of treatment :grinning:92163338_2573392302980393_1927304821040218112_o


That turtle is so beautiful! :heart:

Love the turtle!

That’s beautiful! I enjoy weeding.

Well wishes to your husband.