Kerning, Leading, and Spacing Your Text in Inkscape

  1. Open Inkscape.

  1. To get the text tab up on your screen go to Text > Text and Font.

  1. Select your font, size and type your text.

  1. Kerning (Spacing between letters): When you have the text icon selected, you will see on the top toolbar lots of different options. These all affect the kerning and spacing of your text. The first one we are using affects the space between your letters. a + number will make is further apart and a - number will make the gap smaller.

  1. Leading (Spacing between lines): You can also space between specific letters. Place your cursor where you want to change the space and adjust the numbers. again a + will widen the gap and a - will make it smaller.

  1. At any point you want to remove the kerning that you have done, go to Text > Remove Manual Kerning. This will remove it for you.

  1. Spacing between words: To add even spacing between your words you can adjust it here (red arrow) + will increase the spacing and - will make it smaller.

  1. Vertical Shift: Next we will look at shifting and rotating letters. These are great if you want your text to fit a specific space or with some fonts letters look “out of place”.

Select the text adjustment shown below and by using a + wherever your cursor is your text will drop below the line of text, with - number it will raise above the line of text.

  1. Character Rotation: When selecting this option you can rotate your letters. Place the cursor next the letter you want to rotate and a + number will make it rotate clockwise and a - number will rotate it anti clockwise.

  1. Once you are happy with your adjustments, go to Path > object to path.

  1. You can now make even more adjustments to your text. Select Path > Path effects.

  1. You will see the path effects window appear on the right. Select the + button(1). A new window will appear. This will give you a number of options. I am going to select the Bend option(2). Click on Add (3).

  1. In your right window select the bend path option. This will now give you a line on your text.

  1. With your cursor you can now manipulate the text and bend it to where you like. You can add more effects again by pressing the + again and an a new effect.

Fonts are from and the font is called Lovely.

thank you