Keyboard Shortcuts in Illustrator

I’m always using keyboard shortcuts, it makes every job quicker. Did you know you can actually create your own keyboard shortcuts? It is super helpful.

First open any document and navigate to the keyboard shortcut menu box.

From this menu you can see all the Illustrator tools and commands. Select ‘Menu Commands’ or ‘Tools’ to manually find the tool, you can also use the search bar.

If your tool already has a shortcut assigned you will see this next to the tool, if not go ahead and create one.
In the example below I selected the Smooth tool. I use this all the time.

I attempted to save this tool as a Q. Illustrator is telling me that the shortcut Q is already assigned to the Lasso Tool. This isn’t a tool I use often, soI went ahead and clicked OK. Feel free to take some time to find a shortcut that suits your needs.

Hey presto…you have created a new shortcut. While using Illustrator, any time I hit Q on the keyboard the smooth tool appears.


I would be absolutely at a loss without keyboard shortcuts!! Thanks for the tutorial!!

Great info! Thanks.