Laser Cut Beard Comb

This creation reminds me of how useful a Glowforge can be, while separating itself from vinyl cutters. I love that I can customize something practical for every day use and put my name on it. I leave it on the sink for advertising when guests are over. :see_no_evil: I used 1/4" sapele wood and it took 9 minutes total to score and cut.


If I ever win a lot of money in the lottery - I am going to buy me one of these! Great work!

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I love seeing your work! :heart:


Gah, I want a GlowForge so baaaaaaad!!! You’re not helping with your amazing creations! This is so awesome!

Dear Santa, :santa:

Please bring me a GlowForge :smiley:



Heyyyy bestie… :wink:

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Do you find you are getting enough business to justify the purchase of the GlowForge?
Which model did you get?

As to your comb, nice work. Did you make the comb itself as well as etch your name in it with the GlowForge?

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I am a busy mom, so I don’t make sales as often as I’d like.
I can certainly see the potential. I have Glowforge Pro. I charge $1/minute and I think it pays well. My 18" signs sell for $100.

I bought the beard comb file, however I did draw a regular comb myself.

By “regular comb” I’m guessing you mean the fine toothed side of the comb.
How long did it take you to cut and etch the comb?
I’m trying to see whether the addition of a Glow Forge to my arsenal could/would be a worthwhile/feasable investment for me.

I drew a one sided comb. I purchased a fine toothed beard comb file.

It took 9 minutes for this one, which was scored. An engraving would take longer, usually 13 minutes.

Absolutely worth it. I’ve got another couple grand to go for “paying it off”. Although I have yet to try the Pro slot. I’m sure that would help maximize incoming sales.

The basic is an easy investment in my opinion. Make sure you grab a Referral code. You can get $100-$500 off.

One thing I tell people is… when you buy a Glowforge, you’ll want a table to go with it… and an inline fan… and wood supplies. It’s a machine you’ll want to pay attention to because it pays more than anyone else is willing to give me. :laughing:

I just wanted to say that these beard combs are AMAZING. I ordered 8 of these combs from f6c41fe87397b53839921bf08eff28c6 for my fiancés groomsmen and they LOVE them! :hearts:

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Omg i love this! I need to make one for my husband

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Welcome to the forum - happy to have you here :smiley:

This makes me want to get started engraving so much

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Wow this looks amazing

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