Laser etching

Does anyone here do laser etching. I have just got into it and so far I’m enjoying it. It has a learning curve for sure but it’s fun. I need more tropical/ Hawaiian designs.


1452e54745859b5f2baeeffa713ef4b9 I love using my laser! What kind do you have? What kind of material do you etch on?

What type of laser do you have? I’d love to see some pictures of things you made!

I do laser cutting/engraving. I have been doing it as part of my business for going on 3 years now. It can be lots of fun. I used to only make items that were hands on so required a lot of my time for each item and making multiples didn’t save any time. It is nice now to be able to make jigs and do multiple items at once and I can actually work on my computer or other things while the laser is doing it’s thing.

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how do you do multiple items at once?