Latest free Plus member bundle

Just wanted to give Design Bundles a shout out for this incredible free (for Plus members) bundle! So many goodies and a little something for everyone. I love my Plus membership for so many reasons. Whenever I need some retail therapy, I spend credits in the Plus Store. And I like that I can take my time with the $1 Deal events. Now I just need to carve out time to design and craft!


I agree! There’s more collected files than minutes spent. :smile:

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Where do I find the Plus Member bundles?

Hi 6e0d83c6afdc003bd8370ebee2179f27 – Unfortunately the bundle I referenced above has expired as they are only available for a limited time and offered periodically.


they offer other bundles>

Yes thank you

Love! Love! Love!

I look forward to those bundles coming back

I loved getting this!

How often are there free bundles?

Different free items for plus members are added weekly to your plus freebies section. Sometimes there’s bundles!