Let's Talk Fonts!

I tend to get an idea stuck in my head for a specific design or set of designs, I look at how and where the design would be reproduced, then, with those capabilities/limitations in mind, I do my search for the right font(s) to achieve my goals. Sometimes I end up having to create something because I can’t find "just the right " font, though God knows I have enough of them.
Sometimes I see a font that sparks an idea for a design or project, and I build the design around it.


I love fonts! I get ideas from browsing, Facebook groups, Pinterest projects that send me hunting for a specific style. I like some fun and bouncy fonts, but without being too messy. I try to get a variety, sometimes you need cursive to have the same bottom or top alignment. I tend to like the Low Crossbar sans serif fonts as well. Lately an added line or a few dots here and there have been extra appealing. I created one project over Christmas just for an excuse to use Sherman Decorative, lol.

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My favorite font currently is this one –

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I usually stumble upon them. Love the freebies of the week. Crafting fonts that cut smoothly are my favourites.

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I love the weekly freebies! :hearts:

I am a bit of both! Sometimes I’m searching for a specific type of font but more times than not, I end up swiping, clicking and searching fonts for hours because I see so many I love!

I normally find fonts by browsing.

I usually find new fonts while I try to find a specific type of font
Or when I open FontBundles and/or DesignBundles :stuck_out_tongue

I love script fonts

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Script fonts are pretty great! I love the handwritten-looking ones the best! :smiley:

Depends upon the type of work I am creating, if its for kids I prefer a childish font style and if its for wedding designs, I prefer one with swirls

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I have a question regarding a style of font. (Would it be a genre?)
I am looking for a font that has elements of doodles in them. As in a font that has cat faces or dog faces in it. Another example would be a font that has heart shapes in it, or coffee beans built into a letter. As in a “d” that has coffee beans as the long part of the “d”. Any thing you might know, please reply.
I’ll be looking forward your reply.
Thank you

Hello Mischelle!
Are you looking for specific types of doodles? I know that 0035a98b6990c44faa78aaebc66d4cf2 has a ton of doodle fonts! :smiley:

Here are some others that I have found under the eeae1e31a6c60cd5ac4447455bda552a on Font Bundles! :slight_smile:

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What are some good swash fonts?

8072a40edea17f998490058b48bfba5a – The two swash fonts I use most these days are Dreamery Script and The Nightfall.

I like to follow certain creators I like

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