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I am hoping that someone could help clarify the licensing rules. I am very new to all this so apologies if its a simple answer.
I am wanting to purchase designs and images to use for wedding invitation designs that I intend to sell, would I be covered to do so with the licence I get when purchasing the item?
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Hi b44cde172f299939785e4f0aae8e55cb,

Great question! Are you printing the Invites yourself or outsourcing to a printer? Are they going to be digital invites for customers?

I know she didn’t answer you yet, but would you mind answering your questions? I think I know the answers but with licensing and copyright it never hurts to check!

d5fd67b3f35165ae55a82e3d646a34a5 happy to explain! :slight_smile:

If you are making the physical products yourself then you can use the designs as is.

If you are sending the files to a printer, print on demand site, manufacturer OR reselling in a digital format you must follow the 797e3b44a74bc04e9cce35f790fc22e9. The designs cannot be used as is, for any of these methods.

If she were using a digital invite, and using something like Templett or Corjl then any fonts used would need the Corporate License. The designs would still need to be altered as mentioned above.

That’s the basics, but there are definitely instances where it gets pretty confusing :sweat_smile:

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c5b6064a48c488769e730f8d7fa77925 thank you!! :blush: It’s as I thought. Although, I do have one question- if she were using the template, why would font
License need to be corporate? Is it based on quantity? Do same rules/ laws apply if invitation is made from scratch?

d5adcc89e2ac1051de69250c6b9574c7 those websites fall under Platform Use. They allow the customer to type with the font.

If you were to make a customizable design, where your customer can pick out the fonts from a photo of options but you do all the editing on your own computer then that would be the Premium License. (is this what you meant by from scratch?)

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Yep! That’s what I meant, thank you :blush:. I appreciate you explaining it :heart:

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I’m happy to help! :heart:

And what about fonts? Can I use them as as if I thought of a phrase? Or if I made/transformed a design?

Hi 1a79da77d5fa2a94f0cec2eab7510c58 there are a few different questions in this thread. Can you clarify what your intended use for fonts is?

Like, I have come up with a funny phrase and I use a free for commercial use font to type that phrase and then sell a t-shirt with that phrase. Is it ok?

306a9faa3e00e9f2615925859c26ed2e yes that is fine. Commercial use is included in the license, and fonts are viewed differently than designs. So you can use fonts as-is in designs you make :slight_smile: The fonts must be flattened though and you cannot distribute the font within the download, etc.

Hi there so basically if i want to buy the bundle, print or cut out and then sell them on from there i am ok to do this with a premium licence?

I just cant send the file to someone else to do that? Ie an SVG file, i cut all the shapes out and post them to a customer to make, i can do that with the premium licence, they are just purchasing the cut outs from me to make?

Sorry for being simple, i want this crystal clear