Licenses/usage for (re)selling

Dear everyone,

I am confused about licenses when I want to sell something I bought here.

I am interested in printable calendars, printable stickers and even saw some listings that include kdp files. At the moment, I only want to sell such items on other sites, but want to create my own next year.

All have “premium and corporate license” listed at the side, and further up I see “premium and commercial use”. Does commercial use mean “alter and use” and corporate means “fine to use” as is?

I asked two vendors of printable calendars directly and one said to me I can use them as is and the other said that I cannot do that at all. No reselling whatsoever.

I have read the help info and faqs, but I still find the information conflicting and confusing. Eg, for kdp, you say you have to change the item, but why then are the files included and the listings sound as if it’s allowed to use them as they are?

And for printables? I am even more confused. Eg most calendars I saw would be fine/ready to use as is. The have the usage/license from above that would cover selling them. Some vendors write “you cannot resell this”, most say nothing. So are calendars and stickers generally for personal usage only despite the “commercial/corporate” information at the side? That information made me think I can use them as they are, if I wanted, but could also change them if they are editable.

If my goal is to buy calendars and stickers that are printable and which I want to sell on other sites, what do I need to know and do so it’s legal and not violating anybody’s rights?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Hi Nicola_B,

I too am trying to understand how these licenses actually work especially on designs that are complete and cant be easily edited as I too have had differing opinions from sellers and the official line from designbundles

My understanding is that if you purchase any of the products then you are permitted to sell them ‘as is’ only if you are able to print them yourself and sell them as printed products. You are not for understandable reasons allowed to sell them as digital files.

The strange part is that I have had a reply from a seller who said it was fine if I ordered 5 copies printed onto canvas and then sold them either at a Fair or online. However according to designbundles this is not permitted as according to them you can only sell any prints if you have printed them at home on your home equipment or at least, so far, that is how I understand it.

So if the seller says its fine but designbundles say no, the question is, who do you believe as who is ultimately responsible for the license? Its all a bit strange…

I totally get the digital files aspect but if you have an idea and feel you would like to offer designs on different products it seems you cant unless you make all the investment in printing them all yourself!? Perhaps ultimately that is why the licenses are so reasonably priced as essentially you are not able to do very much, with the what I call the finished designs that you see so many of.

So not sure that helps very much but hopefully you find a solution soon.

Hi Neil,

thank you for your response. Yes, it does sound a bit like the usage is quite limited. I hadn’t even thought about pritning them myself, but I see what you mean. And nope, that would mean turning my place into a warehouse and that’s not an option.

Maybe 5 copies qualify as wholesale and that changes the license? Who knows…

I hope another more experienced person than me sees this and replies. This stuff seems so complicated.

Hi Neil and Nicola,

This thread is very helpful and explains the usage of designs very clearly.