Licensing for mobile app / game

I am working on a mobile app, in fact a game, and I wonder if my use case is covered with both the Premium and Corporate License.
The Premium license makes it pretty clear that users are not allowed to create text designs, text overlays or artworks. Since my app is a game, the users are not creating any such thing. They are simply typing in their name, and then the name is printed in the user interface. Shown over their avatar and so forth.

Users can also talk to each other by writing chat messages. This is just like your typing chat, WhatsApp, iMessage, and so forth, users type text, and other users can read it and reply.

The Premium License states:
Using fonts as display text, menu text or other static, uneditable text in an app, program, or game, as long as the font files are encoded, protected, or hidden so that the end user cannot extract those font files from the app, program, or game.

I would assume my use case is “display text”, and “menu text” for UI elements and “other static, uneditable text” could be dialogs from other characters, quests and game descriptions.
It is unclear to me if my assumption is correct.

Is the Premium License covering my use case?
And if not, which part of the Corporate License actually refers to my use case?

Thank you

Is this the wrong place to ask my question?
I was hoping someone would have the time and knowledge to help me clear this up.
Unclear licensing terms would sadly lead me to move on to other platforms.

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Thank you.