Licensing Question

I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I want to be certain before I continue my current endeavor :slight_smile:

This isnt quite a POD question, but similar…

So, with purchases and freebies from DesignBundles, am I able to use these images to create journal pages and then sell them on Etsy as a downloadable item (probably a PDF), (?)

I DO understand that SOME form of alteration should be made to any images…adding to other images, etc.

Thank you for any insight!

Hello Julia,

Just to confirm – you want to purchase products / use freebies and then create Journal pages to then sell a digital printable copy in PDF format?

If so, then you would need to follow our transformative guidelines for selling a digital product which you can read more about here - click here.

Even though you wouldn’t be selling on POD, it is still the same transformative guidelines as you are still wanting to sell a digital product.

If you have any further questions about licensing please feel free to reach out to Customer Support and they can always assist you! :slight_smile: They can be reached at

That’s what I thought, so thank you for confirming and have a GREAT day!



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Hello Julia,

Not a problem at all, always happy to help and clarify any questions! :smiley: