Link to here please

Can you please can you put a link on the main designbundles website to the community?

It’ll make my life (and I’m sure others’) easier.

I couldn’t find a reference on the main site to here and it took me a while to remember that the url started with “community…” so that my browser could autofill the rest.



Hi Desiree! I have put in this request for you :smiley: Thank you for the suggestion!

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Hi @Desiree_B thank you for the suggestion! We do have this in progress, Kalie has chased it up with me and I will make sure we get it done asap! Thank youuu


Thanks. I just realized it took me 7 days to “remember” the forum. Oops.

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It’s okay, I am having trouble remembering what day it is at this point :rofl: So happy to have you here and again thank you for your feedback on adding the Forum link to the main page! :heart:


Yes, that will be wonderful. In the meantime, I have it bookmarked :smiley:

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:+1: I see the link is up! Great job humans (because guys/gals is potentially politically corrupt or whatever) :crazy_face:

For those who may stumble across this post you can find the link on the main site by going to:

Top Menu > Our Sites > Community Forum


Awesome Desiree! Thanks! :smiley:

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Thanks! That’s amazing!


Thanks for suggesting this Desiree_B, great that it’s been sorted so quickly too! :grinning:

bookmarked, but this is how I still find it from the website:)


There is now a prompt for a shortcut icon on your home screen via mobile phone. LOVE this! Thank you, Tech Team!!

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HOW TO for iOS; Designbundles to the forum link