Links of Special Deal Purchases

I recognise this might be difficult to implement, but if you could make it work somehow, it would be amazing:

At the present all products in our purchase list that were purchased during a $1 deals or other special event link back to the deal page - which is usually no longer available.

The preview pages of my purchases are always a huge source of inspiration for me. But if I purchased a font during a $1 deal event, in order to access them, I can’t simply click the product in my purchase list, no, I actually have to use the searchbar to find it - and depending on how many products a designer has released or how many products share the same name, it can take a while.

Therefore, I’d like to request that the links of all special deal purchases are redirected to the original product page.

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I think Andy said they tried to to do or was coming in a past post on the $1 deals Facebook page. It might have already worked this way once before too. so many changes.