Logo for hobby Olympic Games

I created a Logo for a hobby graphic design, coding and writing contest based on the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, we won’t have any sporty ones this year, but we wanted to entertain and challenge our users, nonetheless. The logo is not very original, but I wanted to work on my skills with the gradient tool in Illustrator. Can’t say that I took to it, but I’m satisfied with the outcome. It does the job :smile:


Looks great :+1:t3:

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Nice work, Alexander :grinning:

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Great work! Love the colours!

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Love the colors

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nice one! :slight_smile: I like the mirroring

I really like that. Great colors and design. Sorry the contest was cancelled. Maybe you can use it next year.

That looks great! The colours are wonderful! :slight_smile:

Reminds me I should check Ravelry… we’ve done Ravelry Olympics in the past for yarn hobbyists and artists…

Very nice.

That’s pretty cool.

I need to learn

that look awesome

Does anyone else see a smiley face? Love the colour combo.