Look at these Beautiful NEW Fonts Available

Aaah I am over the moon ecstatic about these 2 new fonts available in the Plus Hub!!! I am using now on designs in a new bundle!!


Those are great…thanks for sharing! I don’t have as many handwritten serif fonts, so I’ll have to grab Happy Monday. Looking forward to seeing your new creations, 10a55bac192426db46c3fda040ec14e2! Hope you’re having a happy Monday. :smiley:

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Thank you 3d93ad76a271f587e1c25633eb80c261! I hope you’ve had a lovely day as well!

Happy morning is SO cute!

Those are really fun fonts! :heart:

Thank you so much! Very nice fonts :smiley:

Wow awesome,thanks for sharing

Super cute fonts. thank you !

I love these fonts!!! so cute!!!

Happy morning is so well named! It does make me happy.

I enjoy the Plus hub. But, it’s like online hoarding … :grimacing: