Looking for a writing styled font? (Single-Line Fonts)

Are you looking for a font for writing with your Cricut or Silhouette?

Here are some great font options:

Here are some guides about using Sketch Pens -


Ooh, thank you!

I’m always looking for more single-line fonts to use with my Silhouette. Even if I don’t use one on the card, I will use one to address the envelope.

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Georgia Peach is good too

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To avoid confusion, Georgia Peach is a great font but it isn’t a single line font :slight_smile: But it is still handwritten and beautiful!! :heart_eyes:

Thanks and my mistake. I have a font called ‘Georgia Peach Sketch Font’ which is definitely a single line handwritten font but not the font you are referring to. I wasn’t familiar with it until your reply. You’re right that’s a nice font too.

Oh I had no idea there were two Georgia Peach fonts! Thank you for letting me know, I do see the one you’re talking about now :slight_smile:

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what is a good business font for business cards? i want to make my own business cards.

Hi ab9713fe52f27bd8622669b1be6446e8 this depends on your branding more than anything else. Are you wanting to make a logo with a font or do you need the supporting text? Again, this goes back to your branding! The info text needs to be clear and legible – most likely a sans serif font.

Are you outsourcing the business cards or are you wanting to write them with your Cricut? If you’re writing them with your Cricut you are much more limited to the fonts you can choose from.

I hope that helps a bit! :slight_smile:

These are great suggestions. I’ve been looking for some

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I’ve added some more single-lined fonts to the list! :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions.