Make a very cute Frog card with your electronic cutting machine

How to make a Frog handmade card, with your electronic cutting machine.

This very cute frog card, will make everyone smile!!! It’s a perfect card to use for lots of occasions, from birthdays, baby showers, to get well cards! This project is easy to make and should take around 30 – 45 minutes complete.

To make this design you will need:

• Coloured card
Digital Gems Frog card and envelope cutting files.
• An electronic cutting machine (I personally use a Cricut explore machine)
• Glue
• Scoring tool for your electronic cutting machine.

Preparing the file for cutting:

Once my frog card files are purchased, you will receive an email with a link on it to download the files. Click the link and the files will automatically download to your device.

The files you download will be in a zip file, so you will need to unzip the files. The easiest way to do this is on a computer. Simply right click the zip file in your downloads folder and click ‘extract all’ the files will then unzip. If you are using an apple device, you will need to download an app such as IZIP as the apple software doesn’t have a built-in unzipping function.

Now open your cutting software. I use a Cricut explore machine, so i will show you how to do make this using a Cricut machine. I absolutely love my Cricut machine! I think the Cricut machines are the best cutting machines for crafters and small businesses on the market! (I’ve used a few different branded machines) Cricut machines use a free software called Cricut design space. The software can be downloaded from the Cricut website.

Once you have downloaded and opened up Cricut design space on your device, select ‘new project’ and then upload. You will then be directed to find and upload the files you have downloaded on your device. For Cricut you will need to select the SVG file named ‘Digital Gems frog full card and envelope’.

Once you have selected that file you will be able to open it up in Cricut design space. Once the design is loaded into design space, right click the design and select ‘ungroup’. You may have to ungroup a few times, as cricut design space is sometimes a little bit glitchy and the design may only ungroup partially, so to ungroup it fully, repeat this step and select ungroup two or three times.

Now we need to change a couple ‘cut’ lines to ‘score lines’. SVG files cannot differentiate between the lines initially, and all lines will load as cut files unless changed in the cutting software. It’s really easy to change the lines to score lines though, simply select / highlight the lines we need to change to score lines on the envelope and the middle of the frog card from the side menu and change them to ‘score’.

Now we need to ‘attach’ the score lines to the envelope shape. This is also really easy to do! Highlight the score line and envelope. Then click attach.

And now do the same with the card base, select the card base shape and the score lines, and click attach.

Now click ‘make it’ and cut the design out of card stock.

Piecing the design together:

All the pieces will cut out as shown here:

Fold the card in half and glue the frog and banner pieces in place.

Now stick the white card insert on the in side of the card. You could, if you wish, cut another of the white inserts and stick it to the front inside of the frog card to make the card more solid. But I personally like the see-through effect so you can see inside the card, I think it looks more 3D this way.

Now the card is complete, we now need to make the envelope. The envelope is so easy to make! Simply fold the design where the score lines are and glue it together as shown here:

The card is now complete, everyone that sees this card will instantly smile!!! :blush:


Absolutely adorable!! I love it! :hearts:

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Super cute card! :heart_eyes:


I love all of your stuff Gemma! Thanks for the great tutorial! :heart_eyes: :frog:


Soo cute! Since i don’t have a cricut machine, i cut everything by hand. Found the elephant and dolphin to try and it came out not as bad as i thought :smiley:

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I love this!

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Hello Ari, welcome to the Forum! :smiley:

This is so cute!! Thank you for the tutorial :slight_smile:

so cute! thanks for the tutorial.