Manual cutting verses print and cuts

Okay so I am old school (Paper doll girl) who loves to get out scissors and cut out pieces to make 3-d pieces.

One of the cool things I have fallen in love with is the number of animal elements I have downloaded from Design bundles. Originally I had planned on getting a Cricut but then I saw the Brother Print and Cut system after watching someone use rubber stamps and making cutouts from the Brother Print and cut system.

Does Cricut do this as well? Anyone have an opinion?

I use my Silhouette Cameo 3 to make 3-D pieces for cards and more, often using something I bought or got for free on Design Bundles. I just made my husband an anniversary card using graphics and quotes from DB. There was no way I was going to buy one at the store! It was easy. I used Photoshop, but I could have just as easily used the Silhouette Design Studio to create the card.

Cricut can also use the graphics and fonts from Design Bundles. Someone who has a more recent Cricut that works with Design Space can give you a more detailed answer. The last Cricut I had still used the cartridges.

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Yes, you can use a Cricut to do print and cuts as well. It works really well and you can even do it for iron-on printable vinyl which turns out great!

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