Many PLUS products disappeared from the PLUS Collection!

Hi, I just noticed that a huge number of PLUS products disappeared from the PLUS Collection!!! What is happening? Can anyone enlighten me on this?

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Really? :open_mouth:

I just noticed that :frowning:

Unfortunately, yes …

Let’s wait for Customer Service to respond in order to understand why this happened. Maybe it’s by mistake and they just haven’t noticed it yet.

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Oh, I see…

Hello! To confirm are you missing Plus products you previously purchased? Could you write into our support team so we can look into this for you? :slight_smile:

Hi Kalie,

No, I am not missing any of the Plus products that I purchased.

I just noticed that, now, I can only see 34 pages of Plus products from which I can select and purchase, whereas a few days ago, I could see more than 100 pages of available (for purchasing) Plus products. In short, the entire Plus Products Collection is significantly smaller.

I hope this is clear but, in any event, please do not hesitate to contact me for further clarifications.



Thank you, can you send me a screenshot of what it looks like for you?

What web browser are you using? If you clear your cache/cookies does it correct the issue?


Further to my reply to you, I just noticed something very weird:

About 12 hours ago, I could see only 34 pages of the entire Plus Products Collection.

In the meantime, however, I noticed that there were some new products added to the collection but, regardless, the total number of Plus Products pages is, STILL 34!!!

So, I figured that your system is probably setup to discard (or, at least, now display) all products beyond a certain number.

Then, I did the math and it turns out that your entire Plus Products Collection that is visible amounts to just 1,000 products!!! Apparently, there is a cap at 1,000 products (the more recent ones) and anything older than that is either hidden or discarded.

Can you, please, look into this and tell me if my suspicion is correct?

Thank you & BR,



As per your request, I am attachi

ng a PrintScreen of the last page of PLUS Products that I can see.

Yes, I have cleared all cache/cookies etc. on three different browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, MS Edge) but I still see only 34 pages (the most recent products).



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Ahh I do see what you are saying. I am checking on this with our developers now. Thank you!

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Much appreciated, Kalie!!!



Certainly! So I was able to find there is a cap on how many pages it will show for all products. We do have a filter you can use as well as categories to narrow down searches to see what is available :slight_smile:

If you have any questions or any trouble let me know I am happy to help!

Yes, I know I can “Filter” and “Sort” products, Kalie. Nevertheless, thank you for the info.

However, does this mean that the 1,000 products (= 34 pages) cap will not be lifted? Because there was no cap a few days ago.

Obviously, it is impossible for us to know what is available for purchasing if we do not see the entire collection. As they say: “You do not you want it, until you see it”.

I believe it will be a huge disadvantage, both for FONTBUNDLES/DESIGNBUNDLES and for us, if we can’t see everything …




This might be a side effect of the general changes made to the Plus product pages? I get why it was made - it certainly makes sense to integrate Plus products into the Designbundles/Fontsbundles marketplace - but browsing Plus products alone was simpler before the site overhaul. (Or maybe I’d just gotten used to the old page structure. :wink:)

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yeah, I noticed this the other day too. This makes the procrastinator that doesn’t check EVERY SINGLE day very hard to promote new items, that they missed…
I search via the newest items FIRST.

On a related note can we get a turn-OFF PLUS items in the general search? I understand cross-selling but If I’m not interested in PLUS items or do not have a PLUS membership can I turn off results with them in it?