Map Poster Creator - Problem with SnazzyMaps site

Hi there, I’ve bought the Map Poster Creator (4b63d2a5366123778b319a879909865d) and watched the YouTube tutorial.

I’ve created an account on SnazzyMaps and am logged in, but there is no way it seems to download the map I want. It looks like the YouTube video was made a long time ago. I wonder if the interface at SnazzyMaps has changed?

It’s possible I need to create an API key but I’ve gone round and round in circles over on Google trying to get one and not getting anywhere fast.

Anyone used this recently and got any tips of what I need to do? Thanks.

I would go back through the vendor and make contact with the artist/manufacturer and ask them. I’d have all of your original purchase information (order #, date of purchase, receipt, proof of purchase, etc.) handy to speed things up. If they can’t or won’t get your problems resolved then I’d ask for your money back.

If you’ve not received a response from the seller, I would reach out to Design Bundles Customer Support so they can take a look at the product :slight_smile: