March $1 Deals Event

Only ONE HOUR until the $1 Deals Event is live!! :confetti_ball::tada:

You can shop this page right at 11 am CDT:

Don’t forget! For this event, we have a Special Offer for anyone who would like to try our Plus Membership. Grab your first month at a discounted rate :smiley:

Only $1 for Bronze :3rd_place_medal: $7.99 for Silver :2nd_place_medal: or $8.99 Gold :1st_place_medal:(returns to regular price after the first month)

Plus members save 10-15% on their order AND they have 24 hours to shop! You can join here👉


My favorite day of the month!


awesome! Hope someday I will be the lucky one for my product to be join the $1… cant wait for $1 deal :slight_smile:


thanks for the deals! I grabbed some great stuff.

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I"m waiting for the new $1 deal event

So the $1 deal is this evening? Is that correct?

Nope this event was a few days ago. We will be announcing our next event in the coming weeks here! Stay tuned.

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We will announce it here soon! Don’t worry :smiley:


I was looking forward to this, but my kids had a Zoom with their class and I missed it! :frowning: Next time!

For the next one always remember each $1 deal is available for 24 hours! all you need is a Plus membership which is free for the first 7 days with a trial


Missed it :sob: where are you guys located so I can work out the time difference !?

Me too!

We always post the event times a few weeks ahead of it. For the US it’s generally in the morning and in europe it is around 5 or 6pm. We will be posting in a week or 2 about the next one and will give out the time then


Awesome thank you I’m in AUS so this helps !

It was a good event… any chance we’ll have a strictly font event in the future…

Love $1 Deals Events! So glad I found you guys. Always load up on the best fonts!

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I’m a big fan of dollar deals. You make being a crafter fun! Thanks so much

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Love the deals…!!

It’s possible but I doubt it, we originally did Fonts only and also Designs only events, but people didn’t like the separate events so we increased the product numbers and did joint events so everyone can take part.

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mannn i missed this by one hour, i am so bummed, i hope some of the designs are offered again next month!!