Mat Loading Problem

Does anyone have problems loading their mats on the Scan N Cut SDX225? If so could anyone help me figure out why sometimes they load and sometimes it takes 15 tries to get it to load?

Have you looked to make sure there isn’t a piece of vinyl stuck on the scanner. I had this problem for months and I finally figured out how to turn it over and take the cover off so I could clean the scanner glass. Sure enough there was a couple of pieces of vinyl on the scanner. I removed those and it loads perfectly now. Mine is an sdx125, so it may be a little different then yours. You can probably find a youtube video that shows you how to clean the scanner glass.

No but I will try it. Thank you!

I’ve had problems too. It’s like one roller picks up and the other doesn’t. I put some tape on the top of my mat and this helped a bit.

RIght! That is what happens to mine! One side picks it up and pulls in in all crooked and bends it all up. Takes me half an hour to load and then I have to lay it up on the left side crooked to get it to take. It annoys me. I did have a new mat I tried and it works perfectly. But if it grabs it wrong it will tear up too. So you just put tape on it? You said the top. Do you mean across the whole top?

Just where the rollers pick up the mat.

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