May 2021 Competition (Win Plus Credits!)

04f04bbb448b8ee5023abd7e47c39d6b Welcome to the forum! Happy to have you here! :blush: I also love that I can get my downloads anytime!

ab0c213ca1ad490e1d97e1fc40e04766 So glad you found Design Bundles! :smiley: Ohhh Halloween is fun to craft for!! :jack_o_lantern:

8c2d3f0fb697e28e42762d8b780de16f There really are sooooo many different crafts possible! I also love to try new things!

bba8a9b05992fd5b9f3efc55d15aef7c Ohh I love that the Procreate bundle is what made you find Design Bundles – that is exciting! Ohh I love my Gold Plus Membership too, it is SOOO great! I’d love to see what crafts you’re working on! :blush:

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Right now I’m just doing my Skillshare writing classes but I’ll be sure to let you know! - I’m super excited for my projects and its something I’ve been wanting to do for ages…and now I actually am! And thank you for your interest, thats so sweet :slight_smile:

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I found it on a link from someone selling their clipart for projects

What I love about this site above the other creative selling sites is the commercial license is included at the very beginning, not as a way more expensive upsell later on or something I have to upgrade to, it makes starting out so much easier and fairer

  • What is your favorite purchase from Design Bundles / Font Bundles?

definately the clipart, and searching gives me more ideas for my own work

What is your favorite holiday/event to craft for?

Halloween is bigger in my house than Christmas

  • What type of craft do you enjoy most?

T shirt making and screen printing, printables and photoshop


014aa15a5cfd971514698d976c3c9d0e I definitely agree - I love that the commercial license is included! It makes everything so easy! :smiley:

I’d love to see some shirts you are making! :blush:

  • How did you find Design Bundles? - A simple Google search while looking for a more reasonable cost of designs!
  • What is something you love about Design Bundles? - I LOVE the Designs PLUS! They have so many great options and it feels like I am splurging every time that I go shopping in the PLUS Catalog.
  • What is your favorite purchase from Design Bundles / Font Bundles? I have to many that I love to choose! More recently the fonts have been a huge hit for me.
  • What is your favorite holiday/event to craft for? Why pick one! Haha
  • What type of craft do you enjoy most? Sublimation is my favorite due to the full color options!
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Hello 96b9cc660a73d5c55d6463b6b58a3d7e !
Welcome to the forum! Make sure to check out our e422a377e91e0d74227b99b10b42d873
Ahh I love being a Plus member as well! :smiley:

Ohhhh sublimation is soooo much fun! I’d love to see what you’re making with sublimation! :blush:

New look of designbundle just represent in market with like stand up with uniqueness and aesthetic and even shop owner love to create more product to upload…

I found Design Bundles by typing in a search on the internet for graphic files. I really liked how professional and how easy to navigate the site was. I also joined the group on Facebook to identify fonts and really became involved both in the group and on the site by purchasing, joining the plus (before it was plus) and favoriting and reviewing different designers.
I don’t really have a favorite purchase but I have a few favorite artists. I really like Missy Meyer fonts, art by Karamfila and Digital Curio. My favorite holiday by far is Halloween. I love to make t shirts using heat transfer vinyl and sublimation. I also make cups using adhesive vinyl and sublimation. My husband really likes making really rustic wood signs and I cut the stencils for him and he paints them. I love to print vinyl and use the assets from Design Bundles and Font Bundles. I also love that I am an affiliate because a lot of crafters that see my work ask me where to get the fonts and files so I love to share the links with them, knowing I will receive something in return from the site. I use my credits to make purchases.


I found FontBundles through a collection of free fonts on Behance. I then started regularly checking the free font page, and after a while I couldn’t stay away from the rest of the marketplace any longer… way too many alluring fonts to resist! :wink:

I’ve bought so many fantastic products that it seems impossible to select a favourite. I particularly like the creations of Missy Meyer and Denise Chandler, and the insanely awesome $1 deals I’ve managed to snag over the years still make me very happy, too.

Obviously, the $1 deal events are one of my favourite things about Design Bundles, as are the weekly freebies.

You guys rock! :heart:


Fellow Missy Meyer font fan here! :wave:

Oh yea, their dollar deals!! They are the BEST!!

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Hi! I found Design Bundles when I was starting my word art business. I searched the internet for designs that included the commercial license to sell the design on a product and came across Design Bundles. I love the funny and sarcastic designs, because my business is called “Sassy Words.” I also enjoy this community and need to utilize its resources more!


Hi, my name is Becky. I’ve been using my Cricut since July of 2020 when the lockdown was driving me nuts. I found DB through a Cricut FB group. DB is my first source I go to for really great svgs. I love the Plus Membership and the Plus Credits! When I use them, I feel like I can afford to get twice as many designs as usual! Having DB and Font Bundles together is a super-bonus. I have too many favorites to just choose one, as shown by my “Favorites” list on my account! I don’t have a favorite holiday or event I love to craft for; but I do like all things having to do with nature and gardens. I mostly make wood signs, kids shirts and garden flags. I also love finding treasures at the local thrift stores and repurposing them. So much fun!

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  • How did you find Design Bundles?
    I found Design Bundles through Facebook ads. Probably because I was searching for fonts on Google and Facebook snooped in.

  • What is something you love about Design Bundles?
    What I particularly love about DB is the Plus Membership benefits. Add the $1 deals to that and freebies. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • What is your favorite purchase from Design Bundles / Font Bundles?
    My favorite purchase? Hmm, I’ve got a lot of faves. But choosing one(or two), maybe the flamingos that I made for my daughter, and the baphomet that my husband and I thought was cool.

  • What is your favorite holiday/event to craft for?
    Christmas and Easter.

  • What type of craft do you enjoy most? Shirts, wood signs, laser projects, etc.
    Sublimation and laser projects.

Thank you Design Bundles!

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6e2d736be48c4397dd4af7d0fe728df2 I love how easy it is to navigate Design Bundles! :smiley: Ohhh Missy Meyer fonts are a MUST-HAVE! :heart:

5306b56f3cd38df4a100749f209d9c5c Ohhhh the $1 deals get me sooo excited! :sparkles:

e4075ce4f01ae8adcd9119f2bf830c07 I loveee this community forum – it has so many tutorials and guides and is a great way to talk to fellow DB lovers! :heart:

f26bba88236bb678b2d032906a486d47 Welcome to the forum! :smiley: Happy to have you here! Ohh I would love to see your wood signs and garden flags you have made! :slight_smile:

328ae40dde838bb212df6765a4541b25 Ohhh yesss! I loveeee the Plus Membership and that I can access the $1 events after that hour is up! I’d love to see some of your sublimation crafts you’ve made! :smiley:

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I found design bundles through Facebook. I love that in includes the commercial license. I’m excited for my first $1 deals day! Love doing shirts!


a12e4d372bc68557d441ad5a3e038274 I forgot to mention this in my post above, but you’re totally right: The commercial license is another reason why I love Font Bundles / Design Bundles.

  • I found Design Bundles through two sources, the Youtube Design Bundles tutorials and through an online search for SVG designs.
  • I love the fact that you can find anything and everything you could possibly need for your crafting on all topics you could think of. And that you get the most amazing freebies and all are for Commercial use!
  • My favorite purchase is the Bohemia Script Font as I absolutely love this font.
  • I love Christmas and doing my Christmas and Farm House and seasonal crafting and designs.
  • I enjoy my shirts, mugs, wood signs all equally! They all make something special and are made for specific purposes and reasons.

Have a wonderful day all! :blush:

c3d3210309b24b8de05a24cff8f96314 Welcome to the forum! :smiley: I absolutely love that the commercial license is included! :heart:

afad38703ad4bfbb65d79f35f630f1ef Welcome to the forum! :blush: There literally is SOOOOOOO many different things you can find on Design Bundles! Have a wonderful day to you as well! :slight_smile:

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  • How did you find Design Bundles?
    Facebook told me, then I was hooked!
  • What is something you love about Design Bundles?
    I am a Plus Member and I love that when I need inspiration I can go online and do a bit of shopping with my credits, there’s always something new.
  • What is your favorite purchase from Design Bundles / Font Bundles?
    I love doing the 3d paper cuts, they can look so different depending on the colours you use. I’m just getting into HTV too so looking for new ideas for that
  • What is your favorite holiday/event to craft for?
    I only got my Cricut in January, so looking forward to Christmas.
  • What type of craft do you enjoy most? Shirts, wood signs, laser projects, etc. I love anything to do with papercrafting in the main, with HTV coming up behind!
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