Maybe not font pairing but favorite "manly" fonts

I’m always on the hunt for more “manly” looking fonts. I have Holder and a few others that are my go to, but I really am looking for some more variety. I figure I can make girly, swirly stuff all day. Most of the regular type fonts even have a “girly” feel to them.

I suppose I’m looking for something that is bold but has sharp defined nodes. Help a sister out here.


I have no ideas on fonts! But “Milkshake” font came to my head. I have the font l, but probably not what your looking for…but then again I really don’t know :wink: I know someone will have it here!! The best to you and your search!!!

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I have a couple fonts that are “less feminine” looking, but may or may not be considered “manly.” I designed them with my 2 boys in mind:

Monster Rumpus comes in a few different styles: 8cb3206956d794d878a712efeb4d6716

Garbanzo comes in solid and hatched that can be layered: 03ebd83c20b7a443f14db481e17bd01c


Monster Runpus will certainly work for some little boy designs
Thank you!

Here are 2 I love. (One is more boys than man, but cute nonetheless!)

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c6f7168a492a6ad5a465bf9c3d419554 oh my goodness! That monster one is adorable!

This is a new one I spotted that doesn’t look too girly - a097c3e9ce2d03984ca464ff9ec70f2e

I’ve also used this one in a few of my male designs - f1ed1cf7ad29837b200105300a8e9c72


Here are some that I like –



Y’all are the best! Deffo going font hunting when the kids are in bed tonight!

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I do some fun and funky fonts which may work… they’re certainly not ‘girly’.


Thank you so much some of these will deffo work for what I’m looking for!

I love Sportsball. It has so many different options to rally change what it looks like.

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Oh yes! I always need “manly fonts” but then I end up buying more swirly ones haha!

That one is really nice!

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I love Sportsball and use it a lot but need a change up

Thanks for sharing, irs a good one!

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Thank you!

IDK if you are looking for manly for kids or adults but I make fonts that are pretty neutral and can be used for mens designs. e3b8fe22554fd8ae83276396ff73ad1d

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