Membership price changing

Howdy! I was grandfathered into the Gold mebership at a price of $7.99. I just got an email saying my membership is expiring go choose a membership. In my account billing it says current membership FREE (not sure when how that happened lol) and choose a plan to continue. On the plan description page it has the $18.99 for gold crossed out and the $7.99 written in. In the billing page it says I’m going to be charged the $18.99.

Can anyone shed some insight? Will I actually be charged the 18 or the 7?

Hi Emily,

I’m happy to look into this for you, I’ve sent you a private message :slight_smile:

Isnthis the bronze price normally?

Yes, but I was grandfathered in at a lower price because I was already a plus member before they designed the tiers and points system.

Hey Emily,
I am in the same situation (grandfathered at the lower price) but don’t remember getting any notice about a price change. My life’s been a bit chaotic the past several weeks because I’ve been sick as well as trying to care for my mother who has been sick I ;might have accidentally deleted the email. When dd they say the price was going up? What did you find out if you don’t mind me asking?
Thanks so much for your help and time.
Donna C