Missing regular Emails

Was there a Free Font of the Week or Freebie Friday email this week?

I got a plus membership, new items email on the 2nd.


New and Exciting Plus Products :star_struck:

IT’S ENDING…TODAY :gem: The Best Sellers Craft Bundle 3

on the 1st.

and the

QUICK! The $1 Deal Event is Starting!!! :astonished: 30 design products for $1 Each!

on the 30th of September…

Hi Joseph,

I replied to your other comment but I’ll also reply here in case it gets missed :slight_smile:

Can you please email us at 1a5812d0d9eaa842d30d763ccc211f62 with the email you should be receiving them from and I’ll have our team look into that for you.

Are you a Gold or Silver Plus member by any chance?

I put in an email request to get added back to all the mailing lists. I was supposedly fixed the ticket closed.
I am a gold member so I don’t miss the files it’s just that I use that list as a springboard for my affiliate posts. I make up a free graphic post and then I may post a few new or related files from each designer that listed a new freebie on the site.


Hi Joseph! I was informed last week that Plus members are currently not receiving the Freebie Friday emails - and our developers are looking for a way to get Plus Members added back in. I believe the thought behind that was all the freebies automatically get added to Silver or Gold Plus Memberships - fingers crossed this will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

ah, ok.

That is good for the free font/design of the week but the balance still need gathered up.
Well I hope they get it added back in.

It has been a few months, have they figured out how to get us Plus members back on the Friday Freebie List or should I just set up a second account so I get all the emails?

I’ll tell you what the number one reason why I want back on the list, I used it to create my affiliate posts. I knew what was new so I could use them to promote fontbundles/designbundles and their designers. (with every free listing I picked anywhere from three to a dozen, new or popular items I liked that a designer had to promote along with their freebie) I have to go look for them now but it was easier seeing you already had a list you sent me.

I’m sorry for the troubles. This is still being worked on.