Monthly $1 Deal Offerings Spreadsheet

Although I have been doing this personally for quite some time, only recently, I have offered a spreadsheet of all of the $1 deals that I create.

This spreadsheet contains links to the “real” product pages for the offerings (there is a separate page for each item that is offered).

In addition, I take any bundles that are offered, and break them down and list each item (and link) for the contents, assuming that the designer has the individual items offered on their designer page as an individual item. (I have found some that have 1 or two items not available individually, forcing the bundle to be purchased; which for a $1 event is fine.)

I do all of this to make a master spreadsheet of everything that I I have downloaded, as not everything that gets downloaded, will show up as “You have already downloaded this item”. IE. If you d/l a Bundle, and then later want to buy an individual item that was in a previously purchased bundle, it does not show as previously purchased / downloaded.

Many people have asked for my monthly spreadsheet, and come responded back in a positive manner that they appreciated what I’ve done. So, I would have to assume that it’s useful (to at least some!).

Ultimately, I would like to work with staff to create this spreadsheet, and have it available from the site for any and all each month.

If anybody who has reading this, has acquired one of my spreadsheets, would like to comment here and share their opinions, it would be greatly appreciated to both me, so I know if it’s working for you and you like it / find it useful, and so site staff can realize that this is a valuable asset as well!


I don’t have one but sounds great!

A spreadsheet is a great idea!

A spreadsheet would be great, especially when I buy the bundles.
Do you have one I could see? :slightly_smiling_face:

Spreadsheet would be perfect!

For those who have said they would like to see an example of my $1 spreadsheet, if you can get me an email address to send it to, I will gladly do so!

You can post them here, or if you prefer a little more privacy, send your request and email to

@ABQDarren – I’ve been doing something similar, but would like to see how you’ve set up your spreadsheet, please. Thanks for sharing. My email address is Thank you!

I don’t have one but organization is my jam and it sounds great!

A spreadsheet is an excellent idea!

Great idea!

I would love to see the example of your spreadsheet. I struggle with organizing my downloaded files.