Most famous/used FONT on DB? ❤️

What is the name of the most used font in your designs?

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The 4 that I use most lately are Brilon, Trajan Pro, Handel Gothic and Isabel.

Isabel is on Fontbundles here:

Ohhhh good question! Breakfast Pastry is used in one of my best selling bundles -



Hmm… I think probably the Beachwood duo -
Closely followed by my Missy Meyer collections :smile:

Oh! Great question! I love all the Missy Meyer fonts, but my absolute favorite is any font by KA Designs. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she will eventually come out with an all inclusive bundle. I have purchased several of her bundles and individual fonts and I’d say I go for those most often when I’m designing.

Ohhh, that is a great question!

I can’t really narrow it down to one because I go back and forth with fonts LOL

However, I loveeeeee Ka Design fonts, Missy Meyer fonts, Kitaleigh Fonts, OTSS Fonts, Sabrina Schleiger fonts, and Justina Tracy fonts. :hearts:

It depends on the day!!! I may or may not have a slight addiction to fonts!!! I do find myself using Pinsetter a lot though! You will find it on a lot of my more casual feeling designs! :slight_smile: Missy Meyer fonts are always a hit with my customers!


Welcome to the Forum Rita! Happy to have you here! :slight_smile:
I love all of Missy Meyer’s fonts! :heart: