My black looks brown, what am i doing wrong

Good Morning, i am sublimating 20 Oz white tumblers. i use an epson 2760 with koala ink. my black turns out more brown looking to me, am i over cooking or undercooking. ? i use a tumbler press 375 for 45 seconds. ? turn . Thanks so much

If your black is looking brown you are overcooking.:slight_smile:

thanks, do you think i should do lower temp for the 45 x 2 , or leave temp at 375 and less time ? thanks. love doing this , getting the wrinkles out :slight_smile:

I would try pressing at 350 degrees F for 80-100 seconds with medium pressure, and then rotate and do it again.

thank you, i shall give it a go :slight_smile:

Did that help?

Thanks. It did some. Not a true black. I have an epson 2760. Seem to be getting red dots even after several head nozzles.

The red dots could be particles that were on your blank. Did you ensure to clean your surface before sublimating?

I use an Epson E4700 and use hiipoo ink. I had an awful time getting true colors. I finally got Affinity Photo software and assigned an appropriate icc profile. Works beautifully! I love Affinity software so much I purchased Designer and Publisher too.

If you are using just black ink to get your black artwork, you should know that VERY FEW blacks are trully neutral (not warm or cool) they usually lean one way or another a bit on the redish brown/on the warm side, or blueish/on the cool side. You might consider using a process black (a mix of all four ink colors) to get a good, deep, true black,. Try 85% for Cyan (light blue), 75% Magenta (pink), 65% Yellow, and 100% K(black.
It makes a heavier black that tends to give you that neutral black you want.
This is. a common issue for those new to the print industry, so it may be the same issue for you.