My purchases are not in my purchase history- I found them

Hi there,
I am on a new laptop and getting some of my purchases from my history. I noticed that I purchased some designs on 1/23/20, 3/26/20, 7/6/20. I still have the PayPal receipt for them but the bundles are not showing up in my history. I purchased the 7/6/20 on my phone so I couldn’t download it right away but I thought they were tied to my account not where I purchase? Anyways, I still have the paypal transaction info emails so I can provide that data should you need it.
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Sorry, I can’t delete but I found the files in my account purchases. They weren’t showing with all my other purchases. Again sorry


Contact tech support directly. I think it is more efficient.

Wonderful, so happy to hear you found them :smiley:

Hello Jenna,
Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

So happy that you were able to find your files! :hearts: