My text is not showing in the workspace

I cannot get text to show up on the workspace. what am I doing wrong. It shows what I have typed in the layers section but nothing on the workspace itself???

Hello Lynda,
You will have to click the font choice you would like to use first and then you should be able to click with the text and the text should then show up. Once you do this one time the text will continue to show up until you exit DesignScape. :slight_smile:

mine is also not showing. i have been using designscape for a few months now with no problem.

Hello Victoria,
We have notified the developers about this and they are working on fixing this for us! :slight_smile:

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I had the same issue

Has there been a resolution to this? I am also having the same issue.

Hello Grace,
There has not yet been a resolution however our Developers are working diligently to figure it out! :smiley: