Need Help! Category and Product Naming Suggestion

Hi there :wave:

I’m planning to launch a tattoo inspired design templates/SVG’s series. They will be in the following file formats Ai | EPS | PDF | SVG | PNG | DXF with editable text.

How should I name them and what category would be the best choice? :thinking:

I was thinking of naming them Tattoo Tshirt Templates | Halloween Tshirt Templates or Tattoo Tshirt SVG | Halloween Tshirt SVG… and for the category, I’m between Graphics-Logos and Crafters-Svg-Printables.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated! :grinning:

Thank you! :hugs:

That sounds good, I have a design/font pin and under that, I have tattoo ideas both fonts and designs.

I’d lead with the Halloween and let the tattoo be a secondary category. I would pin it under both.

Halloween Tshirt Templates | Tattoo Tshirt Templates under the Crafters-Svg-Printables I like ‘template’ meaning something I can use to make a new design from and selling it under craftable would give better exposure. Editable text is a grand selling point. I’m not a store owner so I don’t know what rules you may have to follow…

Be sure to use the long Pinterest images in your listing either way.

~~My .02 good luck!

Thank you very much @Joseph_P! :heart: It’s great to see the point of view of someone that’s not a store owner :smiley: I will definitely make a long Pinterest image for my listing. :smiley: