Need help finding these fonts please

I couldn’t find that exact font, but here are some that are close, listed with the source:

I don’t tend to use dafont because I try to upload only free fonts with commercial licenses. Good luck.

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Thanks and I don’t either I would rather purchase them <3

Also what are you using to search?

Sorry - no search app that I can share. I keep an Excel file of all fonts I upload so that I can note characteristics, source, and, most importantly, whether or not they come with a commercial use license. I have a column for sample text, which I can quickly replace with any phrase. I just selected from that and grabbed a screenshot. It’s very useful when planning projects.

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That’s a really good idea. It would take ages to set it up but it would be great for reference purposes, especially as you get more and more fonts. I might start putting one of those together too.

You can save some time by pulling a font list and using that to start your speadsheet. Here’s the site I used for info.
You could add new fonts with all of the info as you go and just add info for the older fonts as needed.

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Thanks Pam, that will DEFINITELY help. :smiley: