Need help with pattern filling an uploaded transparent letter in adobe illustrator

Could someone walk me through step by step on how to pattern fill transparent letters in adobe illustrator. thanks so much!

Hi e07f595752c707c48263cfc3d7b933f1, welcome to the forum! :tada:

I’d love to help. Do you have a link to the product you’re talking about? By transparent letter do you mean you’re using a font or something else?

Hello, I have purchased Doodle Letters from Design Bundles. It’s not a font but individual letters that are transparent in my understanding. I followed the instructions given on how to use it in Cricut Design space, but I am unable to get the affect as the example in the product listing. I do have adobe illustrator, but I am a novice at all of this. I need step by step instructions on how to navigate Adobe and get the letters filled with patterns I have bought on Design Bundles. Big request, I know. Thanks for responding.



Open one of the Split set SVGs. It will look like this:

Open / drag in your pattern. Put the pattern underneath the letter (by dragging it down in the layers panel or using the keyboard shortcut Cmd+Shift+[ on a Mac or Ctrl+Shift+[ on a Pc.)

Then select both the Inner A and the Pattern and hit Cmd/Ctrl 7. Or go the the Object Menu > Clipping Mask > Make.

Then you’re done :slight_smile:

Thanks so much! I have my letters uploaded, but how do I add the pattern to the same window. When I go to upload my pattern, it opens in a new Adobe window. Does that make sense? Thank you so much.

You can either drag the image from your downloads right into Illustrator, or if you Open them and they open in a new tab you can drag it into the other window… so drag the design to the name of the tab you want it in and it should bring it over there and you can drop it there. I hope that makes sense! :slight_smile:

Very helpful, thank you

Thank you so much!

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I’m assuming you have photos of each step. However, I cannot see them. Would you possibly be able to do a video on this very subject? Pattern fill is something I’d like to master …

Thank you. =)