New Grandbaby sign I made

So excited. We have a new grandchild (first girl) due to arrive on July 5th. She will join our other two grandsons. I fell in love with elephants and decided to give it a try


Awww It’s so beautiful! Well done!! :sparkling_heart:
And congratulations on the new upcoming Grand-daughter!

I also have two grandsons, and one grand-daughter… soooo sweet!

that is super cute! I need to start looking for ideas for a new grand baby too!


@Leah_C This is so darling and sweet! Wonderful work! :heart_eyes:

That is so beautiful and congratulations! :heart:

So adorable! Congratulations :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also, congratulations!

Beautiful! :hearts:

I love this!!! Super cute and sweet! :hearts:

Congrats! It’s beautiful.

Wow … its so cute and beautiful. Congratulations :smiley:

Congrats!! Very pretty… elephants are ALWAYS a great choice for little ones!


Congrats on the new upcoming Grand-daughter! :heart: The design is super cute! :elephant::heart_eyes:

That’s adorable!! :heart: