New Here. Hi All

I’m Julie and am an artist and crafter. My paint medium is watercolor, and I also love creating things with HTV, perm vinyl, and sublimation. I’m looking forward to designing awesome things with the help of Design Bundles.

Design Bundles is a great site for creative ideas, welcome!

Hello Julie!

Welcome to the forum, we’re so happy to have you here! Be sure to check out our c7783691398990dad2a9c41c05a90c40. We have our monthly competition - 79593876445749283513a536f457a5fb where you can win plus credits this month!

We also have the upcoming Ultimate $1 Event: 2e991244ab555fe094d10f28bf80c0e0

Please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance, we’re always happy to help!

This is really a great site. Cant wait to see what you create

Hello friends!
Allow me to introduce myself, I am new here.
My name is Max, and I come from a digital background. By day I work as a system administrator and improve my skills as a designer, and in the evening I prepare quality design with love for clients.

At the moment I am in Russia. I have a dream to become an in-demand freelancer and I am ready to put my best efforts. I will succeed. Now in our country the situation with coronavirus is difficult and many people have lost their jobs. It’s depressing, but I’m trying not to give up - which I wish for you too!

Love and take care of your loved ones.
Thank you for the invitation to the creative association.