New here! Thanks for having me :)

Hey there,

First time Cricut user… enjoying it so far! Did a paper project cause I’m too nervous to use my vinyl lol.
I am from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. We have a lot of crafty people around town, so decided to joining in the fun!

I don’t know how the Design Bundle forum works yet. However, if you have any tips and/or tricks…do send them my way :slight_smile:

Happy to be apart of the community and looking forward to learning all of the things!


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Hi Sammie,

Welcome to the Design Bundle community! :relaxed:
I love your paper mushroom, well done :mushroom:

On the Design Bundles you can find many files for all kinds of projects, they have some amazing files for paper crafts as well. You can shop single files / small bundles or some of the main bundles that Design Bundle puts together ahead of each season or trendy crafts.
You can find them here: 65bff53e9bb970bfe7d5297756ea62ec
There’s also $1 events which are exciding as they last for a short time and you can find great files and fonts discounted to just $1.

Happy crafting!

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Thank you Tina! :slight_smile:
I am so addicted haha … I haven’t stopped surfing these svg files. My only issue is picking the next project!
Thanks for making me feel super welcome <3

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Ohh I know the feeling! :laughing: