New member/New to everything still

Hello, so if anyone is able to help or let me know what’s going on would be greatly appreciated!

So, I found this site over a month ago. Of course I fell in love and decided to try the PLUS membership. Well, I thought I was just doing the free trial. But, today Wednesday 9-1-21 I was charged $8 from this website. So, when I look at my account it doesn’t show me as a member or any credit like it did. But, I was charged?? Am I missing something or idk please help?
Thank you!!

Hi 13704551229fea347011d454df09037a ! Can you send an email to customer support at f966532b5833116a19346425883ccc6e or contact customer support via live chat - they will be happy to look into this for you and get it all sorted out. =)