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There is SO much knowledge and fun things going on in this forum that you might not know where to begin. You can 35302c3a8cebf5d1f58da2b5743b625f, 99d55ec1fe1c5cc40c10477bdd83be5a, a7fa2c57a149f7bb72e9f86c992c829b, 841db3ccc177421ecca5678bdc8b8b77 and more. :slight_smile:

Below are some commonly asked questions:

  • How to Unzip: 1994fb93ba7a853a511cf9c851fa7640 | 2da2df8152312062afad5b869606f570 | 0f8bd09d1aca84fa2dbd08ccff788355 | 98d2fef5c84bc1ed1c774eee060ea7aa | 09447067e58b21162cded7e6d346807f
  • How to Install Fonts: 8f4eb2cb87062c1a2d8e41ee7fcf65e2 | b9bbb5e2a7dcfd255b9eb9fa956bc4ac | 652bc0f2697adfa7cb6e10567e843581
  • How to access alternate font characters/glyphs: 5ce0575622a4cc8812c9d77238cdef78 | 80fa2dcc26567f6aee2cce2b04017c5d | 0a95c17b621d1a2495b74318b1bb867c | 6a033c431f9cc85114d4ab2c3877f946 | b953c9646c398f3f6cfa937b589554b3 | 055314cd673a587acc017f7843551433 | 4a8a3993c9619da710b341cf0618e029 | 7843b1f0b33000ec1c12557bc4a8bfe0 | 86d55bf192f44e5cb7855e2e313612bd | 34e5609938c00038f8a6c4715923658d | fdafac5a9632769d8b23c5609e1ccfde


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  • af1d83bc962cc6044b249909a69e4326
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General Site Questions:

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Plus Membership Questions:

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  • bbf9949c52575b5585f85be19228ca8e
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We also have tons of tutorials for d9afa1eb9c503053bbedc397349d898d, af0e98a4114fb8a66f727f5fcf5e54a2, 45532aab32303a88ed3719af88bdae56, 3d03b1e8e27595e25f65e5326c31df45, 301049e0c712e7c0029aee63117e4951, 787029ef8195fca913ddf5fa60311721, 3e5f3801941657abc233171cc8e76aa4, and more! :tada:

How to Use Alternate Glyphs in Cricut Design Space
Step by step guide on downloading your fonts and installing them on your iPad
Why am I seeing an HTML document and not SVG?
Why are there no SVG files when I download? Im new
How to Unzip a Zip File on your PC
How Do I Install fonts on a PC?
Accessing glyphs on downloaded fonts
I can't find this beautiful font...plz help!
Trouble using a purchased font in Design space
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Hi to everyone!
Hello from Virginia!
Maybe not font pairing but favorite "manly" fonts
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June 2021 30th - $1 Event
Hello, name is Rachel (Simple seasons)
Longtime crafter from Michigan
About my self
New to this
Hello, Im a newbie - my name is Ashley
3D Pumpkin Mandala SVG Cricut Tutorial 🎃
Card for a Dancing Master
Crafting again!
Turn pics into SVGs
Hi, I’m Michelle
Hello, I'm Jenyfer
What is your favorite type of vinyl?
What is your favorite type of vinyl?
Introducing yourself
Hello newbie here excited
Hello there from France
Pressing Pillow With Sublimation
Hello there from uk
Hello from Central Texas
Hi I am Rose!
Hello there from uk
Introducing self
Newbie from Texas
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Trouble Getting Glyphs
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Felling illiterate
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Epoxy Pens
How To Get The Most From Your Adhesive Vinyl
What is your favorite type of craft?
Adding fonts to DS on a iPad pro
Rainbow mandala
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Sawgrass Creative Studio - Custom Canvas For Mugs
What type of mockups would you like to see?
What are you creating?
How to Make 3D Layered Designs
3D Pumpkin Mandala SVG Cricut Tutorial 🎃
Machine Problems
Current Project: Drive Thru Baby Shower Design
Rainbow mandala
Fonts not working
Abstract/Line art Bundle
Rainbow mandala
18" Black Acrylic Round
Newby from South Africa
What is your favorite type of craft?
Father's Day Crafts
Best place
Looking for a writing styled font? (Single-Line Fonts)
What is your favorite type of craft?
How to Package Vinyl Decals to Sell
Glowforge OR CNC?
Show Me Your Tumblers!
Another Corel Draw user :upside_down_face:
Father's Day Crafts
How to spend your Plus credits in the Plus Hub
How much do you charge for custom logos?
I am new
Show Me Your Tumblers!
How to earn Plus credits on the website and community forum
What Is A Web Font
Current Project: Drive Thru Baby Shower Design
Bleaching T-shirts
Make a very cute Frog card with your electronic cutting machine
18" Black Acrylic Round
Software for managing fonts
What do you look for in scrapbook paper and designs?
How to Create Your Own Templates in Cricut Design Space
Top 5 Designing Hacks for Cricut Design Space
How much do you charge for custom logos?
What are your favorite crafts to do with kids?
Love seeing all the discussions!
Hello fellow crafters! I’m Aimee!
Weeding tools
The Best Bundles Out there
May 26th 2021 - $1 Event
What is your favorite type of craft?
What is your favorite type of vinyl?
Favorite Font Pairs?
Sublimation Hack Using Polycrylic to Sublimate on Wood
What are you creating?
Laser Cut Beard Comb
Hi Everyone im new
Who’s your favourite designer? X
How to Make Custom Face Socks with Sublimation
Earring hook recommendation
What is your favorite type of craft?
I'm new to Crafting and I LOVE it!
May 2021 Competition (Win Plus Credits!)
Problem with a sublimation file. HELP!
How to Make Custom Face Socks with Sublimation
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Use of Cricut Joy
Plus License question
3D Pumpkin Mandala SVG Cricut Tutorial 🎃
Crochet Help
Layered Art
New to Design Bundles!
Hello from Lancaster PA!
Hello from Ocala Florida
Hello! From MN
Hello! I'm Jade
Hello Fellow Criciteers!
Earring hook recommendation
Love this place
Hello Everybody!
New to community, from Colorado
New from Washington
New to DB Forums
Hello Newbie here
Hi, Been a member for a while, but new to posting
Hello, I'm new here
Hello! Glad to Join you
Hello from Texas, Newbie Etsy Crafter!
Hi I am Carolyn
Hi everyone\
Hello from New turkey
HI! Ya'll
Hi everybody I'm new here
Hello from Northern Indiana!
Hi I'm Melissa Sue Jane
Hello from england- lancashire
Hi everyone! Any advice for this new Cricut Joy owner?
Which format should I use- OTF or TTF?
Viewing SVGs
Just joined from PA
WOW this is a bit overwhelming! LOTS of good stuff!
Hello from Massachusetts!
Hello from CT
Hello from Montreal
Hey Y'all! Arkansas Here!
Hi from Pennsylvania
Hello From Milwaukee
Hello from Los Angeles
Newbie to this
My name is mcihael
Hello from central KY
Hi! My name is Gina
Totally Green!
Just saying Hello
Hello From Cincinnati, Ohio
I'm new to Design Bundles. I have downloaded some bundles already and made a tumbler with vinyl! Very fun!
Excited to get started!
Hello from St. Louis!
Hello welcome
Hello out there
Tee Shirt maker
Hey Ya'll From Alabama
How Do I Install fonts on a PC?
Newbie from Vancouver CAnada
Hello from Arizona
Hello From IL
Hello from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Hello Indonesia
Educational Resources
September 29th, 2021 - $1 Event
Hi Y'all! Newbie to the forums here
What type of mockups would you like to see?
Hi! My name is Jackie!
What is your favorite type of vinyl?
Hello, I'm new here - Unalome Mystik Provisions/ Mana Prana Services
Newb in Cincinnati
Just a Midwest Southern Belle!
Hello from Florida :)
Hello Im Cristina Im new from Arizona
Downloaded product doesn't match listing
Weird Products
$ 1163.00 in plus dollars ? How do I use that much?
Finding Fonts
Hello from Manchester UK!
Trying something new!
Saying hello from Massachusetts!
How to Sublimate on Wood with Thermal Laminate
Favorite Font Pairs?
Hello from Trinidad and Tobago
What is the best artiste on the web site for you?
How To Use Clipping Masks In Procreate (Video)
How To Create a Rainbow Knockout Unicorn Design in Adobe Illustrator
Best Vinyl seller compatible with Cricut
Drawing Tablet
Hi from Alberta, Canada!
Hello From Crystal, New Zealand
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Hi Y'all from Texas
Hello from Katy, Texas
Hi From Virginia
Hi from NC
Backgrounds, Digi Papers, Seamless Patterns
Sublimation Printer Comparison Epson vs Sawgrass
August 2021 Competition (Win Plus Credits!)
Hi from Turkey
Hi, hello there
Hi From Chicago area
Hi, from Israel
Hiya from Wales
Christmas designs
Ouija board SVG is a MESS!
Hi, My Name Is
$ 1163.00 in plus dollars ? How do I use that much?
Let's Talk Fonts!
Epoxy Pens
Hello! On the look out for new favorite fonts
How to cut reusable stencils
Questions about making Artisan Jewelry?
Hi, My Name Is
Hi, My Name Is
Greetings from the Netherlands! Brand new designer here :)
Where are the video Tutorials?
When it’s sunny and you’re bleaching
Hi I am Cathy
5 Tips To Heat Pressing A Hoodie
How to Sublimate on Oracal 651 Adhesive Vinyl
Epoxy Pens
Hello from UK
Ideas for different svgs
Hello from UK
How Do I Install fonts on a PC?
Flower Mandala
Question about Procreate Bundle plus credit purchase option…
Exploring Heat Transfer Vinyl Styles for Beginners
About the Introduce Yourself category
Hello New Here
Hello! New Here!
What is your favorite type of vinyl?
Hey yall
Hey yall
Hi, new here from WA state
How Do I Get DesignScape?
What is your favorite type of vinyl?
How to Make 3D Layered Designs
How to use Build a Bundles in DesignScape
Hello from West Michigan
New to this page forum
Hello. I am a designer,my name is Alexandra we will get acquainted)
My text is not showing in the workspace
Introduce your self
Making stickers online
Making stickers
What is your favorite type of vinyl?
Welcome here
Hi, everyone
Design new
New user
How to add Patterns to Text in Inkscape Tutorial
Cricut Writing Fonts
Hello from Illinois, Newbie here
Hi from Hartford, Wisconsin!
Hello newbie
Temporary Tattoos
Greetings from Yorkshire in England
I hate the chicken!
T-Shirt Sizing Guide
Opening Your Image in Pixascape
Greetings from Yorkshire in England
Hello newbie
I hate the chicken!
Rubber Stamps
New to all this?
Top 10 Cricut Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Bleaching T-shirts
How to Create Your Own Templates in Cricut Design Space
Color by Numbers in Illustrator
Can anyone help?
Hello From Boston Mass!
June 2021 Competition (Win Plus Credits!)
What are you creating?

Here are some of my favorite Cricut Beginner Tutorials to get you started!

  • da22be33f6382ff73b4cad1ebc1ab1d1 And 1bd53d44ea9da25a09f24b9f2d7d7076
  • 6f5127ffab8d90c90c60dd3a5293d8ac
  • 4b598fb89f4365b77ddac1970d510153
  • 0305a495b41e912d3e839d8ad704b3b5
  • 58dbd2e7b67f7f1b650c169dfe718285
  • 221bae5e9fdce699eafe499337926723
  • 843ebe333a1755106883d71f4aa148a3
  • d30fc7d3192aff63e194730670f662e7

Here are some of my favorite Silhouette Beginner Tutorials to get you started!

  • 8591b7294be12970e17b1dee50a7359f
  • 102bc0fe96c5c8e30f210ec2b91d221a
  • edfa9deb0b36ea5c16e76cf372d1834a
  • 230ec94e635a43738ac11a1c5232d5a8
  • dba241f919f816f55b56cdc5da7f2ee0
  • d5c7317deea7957eb80b4393ec912571

Here are some of my favorite Sublimation tutorials:

  • 68fcd77337e95ea2292dbc6d30d3bd26
  • b879cbfb7d5a60d369fd648f36f34be5
  • ab46ae3a41d49f4eb9bdce9068bd53dd
  • dcc06fe6c4666a81b093b331399fd693
  • 918270afced8e924eab74d8b18a358e7
  • 6756a2975c5f9f901a44e4a7df0a20da
  • 28d588ca42023d9ce0b714636522d42b
  • 49227152126a3bd9a43752492bf97f3b

All of the sublimation tutorials can be 725758722a8b84e893b1ff42d7c2e8c8.


Here are some of my favorite DesignScape tutorials:

  • 4632bcc26fe38434bf62f0ce5fb4bc1e
  • f45825abfde18ae10b181cd8f70d289b
  • b0d05d3b8659f14d5f9755c3b56813a8
  • 8da3533256554261a8fcd55c1d747925
  • f5004bb19261f37ef2c24caf2cc8f31b
  • 0e0a92aa2a4091c741b319bb3f93ee72
  • dfaa24c28153494b6d5ef8a4a692bb78
  • a317d7346abf9af1fc5aaa570b551ea9
  • 1fbd56751f7cc262126e90cd2d352566

All of the DesignScape tutorials can be 346cccfbec2a9eb583ea1eec5d9be4ec

Here are some of my favorite Procreate tutorials:

  • b03d7d68e0af35e3857aa96c7d9afdeb
  • f822e97c30b3830ea8c1e7dccf3407a3
  • 2dff90b3af0942e261b5cdb9f14a8131
  • e927141efb8ecb45a6dca5c3eaaaff1b
  • 222672ceda380904fbf443315da0b031
  • 03911cb4baaf9102950ba4016818716e
  • 425b13e0501f2d3d1531dede459548d1

All of the Procreate tutorials can be 2ddd4af491edc3395e963eed613b181e

Here are some of my favorite Mockup tutorials:

  • c4b13e6fe586df88872858262217c21b
  • c7456775ebef8f80d214899b337d1842
  • c97c0fb6b6817e28e194a04185919c6d
  • fea105cd5f1561c3b6aa712b304bb53d
  • cd83bdb19086ae919bd489a21e9a69a2