New to this

So I have never sold anything before, I’ve been just basically making things for the house or friends. What do I need to do if I want to start selling some of my stuff? I do a lot of signs, stickers and iron ons. Some designs I create but some I buy. Am I allowed to use the ones I buy? I’m getting a lot of different answers to this question and am so confused.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Ann!
Welcome to the forum! Make sure to check out our Start Here guide. We also have some fun things going on this month such as our June Competition to win Plus Credits.

To be able to sell the products you make you will need a Commercial License. All products on Design Bundles come with a Commercial License. So if you purchased a product from Design Bundles and are then making a physical product to sell, you are covered to sell that physical product. :smiley:

However, if you purchased the design elsewhere you will want to check that creators licensing terms of use. :slight_smile: