New way of seeing our already downloaded items in the List View

So today because I got Font Bundles - free font of the week download notice, I went up to Design Bundles Plus to see what was new…

And I was a bit mystified and confused

You see there was now this view that shows Download buttons on some of the items and no download buttons

At first I thought - what? So I opened Madala and saw Download Again button

This is a change from the previous where already downloaded plus items would not show in the list and or search results.

When did this change happen? It is now more confusing than before.

The “download now” button will appear on any products that you have purchased! :slight_smile: This is awesome because then you won’t accidentally purchase something a second time :slight_smile:

This is a change from before as before there use to be a box at the top where you would check if you wanted to hide previously purchased items.

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Not sure It was intuitive…because I went to download the new weekly free font and saw the download button - not realizing I had already downloaded it months ago.

But now I know…