New Website, a review and more

I do like the website’s new design; very clean, scales well, works well on the desktop and small screens.

I would like to see in the future a dark mode. As my old eyes could do with less bright white. This was one thing I did like about the old site. (I’m still waiting on a dark mode on the forums too.)

Did the tags take you to the search area with the tagged word in the search at one time?
They do a little mouseover effect but nothing else…

Clicking back on a web browser should take you back a page except in purchases it takes you back an entire section instead of your purchases page… That still needs to be fixed and is rather unintuitive. I have a back and forward button on ALL my mice.

Works in Plus Members section, but caps out at 139 pages in…
currently listing only 3 weeks back of designs.

There was a thread on the community Facebook group about the mouseover pop-ups and the asterisk on the Plus Membership details no showing up on certain web browsers. I tried it out on several of them in iOS;

  1. DuckDuckGo
  2. Firefox Focus
  3. Bing
  4. Goggle
  5. Safari
  6. Brave
    All fail that test.

Back to the new site and listings. The font glyphs need the button and mouse over effect again. Newer users will not know what this is for.

That is a lot to address and take in so I will leave it there for now. Great update but still some room to grow!

Hi b62020633dbb6315db070b2d0957026e thank you for the feedback. I’ve let the developers know about the Purchase/going back issue.

Dark mode has been brought up by a few people so I think it will be something they will consider but will need to work on that.

I will ask about the tags as I’m not certain on that either.

The asterisk on mobile wasn’t working but it was working on Desktop. The developers have been notified of this and are working on an update for mobile.

Thank you for the feedback. Anything that the team wasn’t aware of yet I’ve now let them know of now! :slight_smile:

I’ve already heard back that the tags on a product page should not be clickable, so that isn’t a bug :slight_smile:

ok, well then maybe a future feature. I know it works like that on other sites and it is quite helpful when used correctly and honestly by the designers.

Thanks for the updates!

I agree about having a dark mode.