Newbie from Vancouver CAnada

Hi there
I am new to this cricut/svg world and am sooo confused. Hoping this will help simplify things a bit.


Hello! The YouTube tutorials from Design Bundles are fantastic. Plus there’s a section on the forum dedicated to Cricut, so hopefully that will help familiarize you with your new “baby”. :smile: Happy crafting!

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hi Lisa
Welcome to the forum. :wink:

Hi 8ad9aa940156e8e17ad8f54b74a78bc3, welcome to the forum :slight_smile: We have tons of great Cricut tutorials, but it can be overwhelming knowing where to start.

We have some great tutorials for Cricut Beginners:

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If you like these tutorials, we have a lot more to 911554600f71715da843056450bc1c14.

Hi Lisa. Hope you are enjoying your cricut and things have got easier. Welcome